About Dawn International

Company Overviewabout dawn international

Dawn International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Group – a privately held group of agribusiness operations. Originating from within the pork and beef farming sector, the Groups first processing site became operative in 1979, and today our group is Ireland’s largest privately owned agribusiness group and fifth largest within this sector in Europe.

Today our Group comprises of 100 companies with operating bases in 12 countries worldwide. Our team of 6,000 people operate within various divisions as diverse as farming to pasta production. Throughout these diverse activities, we operate technically advanced farming, slaughter, de-boning, retail packing and cooking facilities – strategically placed throughout the world.

Our key to growth has been our investment in people, process technology, research and new product development. We firmly believe that our Groups dedication to food safety, quality and value gives us a competitive edge world-wide.

Emanating from this strong background, Dawn International has formed strategic partnerships worldwide – using similar operating philosophies and principles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together both providers and procurers within all aspects of the food sector and to ensure that we reliably and truthfully represent their needs in brokering long term and sustainable business. We do this by ensuring that we understand the needs of both parties fully and then expedite transactions between all concerned in a timely and trustworthy manner.