Markets Overview - Dawn International

Food Production Ireland

Industry Food production in Ireland plays a vital role within our economy – being responsible for almost 12% of GDP and the employment of almost 220,000 people.

Ireland’s natural resources of temperate climate and suitable soil composition gives rise to the efficient existence of most forms of agriculture.

Building on these advantages our products are exported to 140+ countries worldwide and comprise of almost €20 billion in value terms.

As a nation our strong export focus has enabled us to put in place long term partnerships built on trust, expertise and consistency.

All aspects of food production within Ireland are supported and administered by a number of state agencies. These agencies regulate, advise and assist in the marketing of our produce throughout the world.

Global Food Trading

Markets Dawn International has attained leadership position in trade management and today trades with 40+ countries around the world.

Through its commitment to supply chain management and its ongoing policy of continual investment in the very latest technologies, our company provides a first class service to both our suppliers and clients.

Using the latest developments in logistics management, allied to an in depth knowledge of world trading procedures, we ensure timely and safe delivery of products to our worldwide client base.

We advise and update daily on all relevant issues such as veterinary, trade and currency developments.